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Providing exclusive watches for sale that are pre-owned and that are right for you is my skill set. I offer exclusive watch consulting services. I can brief you about the history of the watch and will make sure it is a good buy for your taste and style.
Offering world class services, I have networked with the best pre-owned watch sellers around the world to bring you the best at most competitive prices
Authenticity of watches is my guarantee.


Taking great responsibility for every purchase, I ensure only authentic and quality watches reach you.

So, now you’re interested?


Good, you should be.


Owning a beautiful watch is a pleasure, a treat and something that could stay with you forever. What else do you buy in your like that you can say that about?  Not only that but, as I have said, a watch says so much about you. It makes a statement every time you put it on.


Buying a beautiful watch is not cheap, I’ll say that upfront. However, by using me there is a way to save quite literally thousands of dollars.


Let me take your brief then come back to you with a shortlist of potential timepieces, not only will this give you plenty of choice but you’ll be amazed at how much I can save you…

Exclusive Watch Consulting Services

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