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Here is a list of my current watch collection:


- Audemars Piguet (AP) Royal Oak Offshore ($27,000)

- Panerai 372 ($10,400)

- IWC Ingenieur Mission Earth ($8,900)

- Panerai 113 ($6,600)


What can say, I love Panerai’s!


Here is a list of some of my previous watches:


- Rolex Submariner (x 4 or is it 5?)

- IWC Big Pilot (the jewel in the IWC portfolio)

- Jaeger LeCoultre – Master Compressor Geographica

- countless Omega’s, TAG's and many many more.

Hopefully that convinces you that not only do I know a lot about watches, but that I wear them too.


What's so amazing about a watch?


As I have briefly touched on above, lots of things.


However the simple genius of putting that many ting moving parts I to something so small and so beautiful is incredible.


The more you get in to watches (and trust me – it’s addictive) the more you’ll understand and never want to own a watch with a battery again!

Did I say no batteries?

Simply answered, I am a watch nerd.


Having owned many many beautiful timepieces I have truly been bitten by the bug. There are countless watch forums on the web, but having trawled them all for many hours there isn’t one which offers the same kind of advice and services I am here to offer.


I am offering expertise, guidance and assistance on what watch to buy and why, and I will source it for you, Risk Free!  Over the years of buying and selling high end timepieces I have gotten a great understanding of the brands, their history and their various models which means I know what makes a certain watch special, what watch will hold its value or even increase in value, and what what will suit you.

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